We Are The Future Of Raffles

The problem with current raffles are your chances of winning are so low. 
SOLBOX is going to change that. With 1111 out of 5555 boxes being winners, it doesn't make sense not to play!
We are giving away OVER 1000 SOL in prizes.
Either bluechip NFTs or SOL

What is SOLBOX?

Solbox is a collection, driven to provide new and old investors a chance to obtain major projects. These projects are known as blue chips.

Why are blue chip projects valuable? What is a Blue Chip NFT project? These are the projects that are sure to rise in value above the rest of the market and are generally viewed as premier assets. Every NFT collector would love to know which projects will attain this status, but the answer is a bit complicated. So instead we provide a chance to obtain one at less then 5% of the cost.

Our Roadmap
The implementation of these various steps will lead to a successful creation of the first true NFT to present giveaway such EXTRAVAGANT prizes.

October 2021

SOLBOX NFT idea is envisioned

October 2021

Twitter Page Live

December 2021

Expected Completion Website

February 2022

Rarities Percentage Completed

January 2022

SolBox Artist Begin Craft

March 2022

Community Giveaways!

April 27 2022

SOLBOX 1.0              Mint Date

May 7 2022

Golden Pass           Mint Date

May 2022

SOLBOX 2.0 Mint

June 1st

Announce winners
of SOLBOX 2.0

Season 2

Community DAO's
Begin SOLBOX 3.0

Meet The Team

We are the founders and the brilliant collective behind this wonderful experience



Lead Mod